You might be thinking they are the unknown, but there is more to them than you
thought. Here’s what you probably didn’t know about one of the greatest race in the
history of Nigeria; “The Great Nupe Tribe”

The Nupe origin can be traced to “Tsoede” who fled the court of “Idah” and established a
loose confederation of towns along the Niger in the 15th Century. What a long time it
The proximity of Nupe to the “Igbomina” people in the South and to the Yoruba “Oyo”
people in the South West led to cross fertilization of cultural influences through trade and
conflicts over the years.The Nupe people are traditionally called the “Tapa” by neighboring ethnicity like theYoruba. The “Tapa” people are located primarily in the middle belt and Northern Nigeria,and are the dominant group in Niger state, and an important minority in Kwara state and ofcourse present in Kogi state as well Many Nupes were converted to Islam as at the end of the 18th century and were incorporated into the Fulani empire established by the Jihad and led by “Usman Dan Fodio” after 1806.

History has it that the Fulani leader – Mallam Dendo (Manko) who became the new
leader of this empire started it all; after which his son, Usman Zaki became the first “Etsu
Nupe” in 1832.

The Nupe language is also spoken in Kwara, kogi and the FCT. They are primarily Muslims
with few Christians and African traditional worshippers. They have no recent capital
although they were originally based at Rabah and only moved to Bidah in the 19th
century. There are probably about 4.5 million Tapa’s (Nupe Indigene) principally in Niger state, but although they are less noticed in diaspora, they have tremendous achievements in thehistory of the black race. They might not be in diaspora like some other tribes in Nigeria, but there are surely doing wonders in our mother land Nigeria.

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