599 Tweets on Nigeria Independence starting on Oct 1st,2019.

Hiztorybox,Nigeria foremost history online magazine; will launch 599 TWEETS on her twitter timeline in celebration of NIGERIA 59th, Independence of 2019.

These tweets will feature alot of FACTS,FIGURES,PICTURES,VIDEOS and Narratives that gave birth to the First NIGERIAN independence in 1960. However,this exercise is designed to help lots of Nigerians learn more about Nigerian history with regards to our independence. This historical exercise will run for 3 days starting from Oct 1st till Oct 3rd.

Hiztorybox (Hiztorybox.com.ng) is Nigerian foremost online magazine discussing ONLY Nigeria history in more exciting and interesting ways. Our core purpose is make young Nigerians know about our history.

To join this exercise, simply join the conversation on twitter using the hashtag #599Hiztoryboxtweets

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