Important Things Noted During The Burial

• The initial welcome reception given to the bereaved family of Ngoforo was very cool and unwelcoming.
• Mr Samuel Mgbeodimma didn’t show up to meet with his in law when they arrived or during the time was burial service was going on.
• There were presence of heavily armed security guards at the venue;they also escorted the husband around.
• None of Mr Samuel Mgbeodimma siblings or parents were present at the premises during the burial service.
• The husband was escorted outside by these heavily armed security guards; only seen outside during the time he wanted to give “DUST TO DUST at the graveside.
• Gloria was found in her own pool of blood in her husband’s parlor in July 17th,2018.
• Mrs Gloria was reported pregnant before she died.
• She was ready for NYSC before she died
• She dies on Saturday 16th June 2018
• Mrs Gloria was found in her own pool of blood with a lot marks stating that her death was manipulated.

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