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Whether it’s intimate or Owanbe, marriage is one thing that is valued in human existence. So much considerations, planning and hard work are put in place to make sure it’s a success. A moment that would love to be relived.

The Easterners in Nigeria are not left out when it comes to Marriage Planning. Marriage rites to an average Igbo indigene is priceless and must be carried out. The Igbo’s have many traditions that at the point of marriage rites and planning, it becomes a total family affair. Despite the seeming change in method of choosing a spouse, the Igbo culture has been sustained; where traditional marriage (Igba nKwu) is concerned, the process involves many different stages.

First, a man at about marriageable age finds a bride of his choice, that shares the same feelings for him; then he informs elder members of his extended family. Then ofcus he alone would visit the bride’s family and introduce himself; whereby the family of the bride tells him to bring his family for a formal introduction.


The groom’s family upon hearing this, sets out with their son and items like kola nut and some kegs of fresh Palm wine and reputable elders of the family where in place of the groom’s father, the uncle can represent. After formal introductions and rendering request for e bride’s hand in marriage; the bride’s family accepts their request and the sends them out to return on a later date.


During the course of this wait, both families sets out to make enquiry from people of the same locality about each other of which will solely determine if the marriage will hold or not. This is considered one of the important parts of the marriage rite. If the inquiries come out positive, both families take a next step into the marriage planning.

The bride’s family once again invites the groom family of which a list will be given by the bride’s family. The list are items needed for the marriage (Igban Kwu). These items include: kolanuts, kegs of Palm Wine, bunch of clothing materials, cows and goats,
Dowry etc. It just goes on.

These items are to be presented on the day of the marriage of which the bride officially goes home with her groom.At this, the planning of marriage and marriage rite is officially called to an end.

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