The Royal Niger Company (RNC) was a mercantile company chattered by the British government in the 19th century, it was formed in 1879. This Royal Niger Company was active from 1886 through 1899 in the territory boarding through Niger and Benue rivers in the contemporary Nigeria.

This paralyzed its administrative powers into the successful commercial monopoly. RNC was the entity which served essentially as precursors for Nigerian states. Akkassa now in in present day Bayelsa was where King Koko attacked the Royal Niger Coy. King koko had his full name as Frederic William Koko Mingi Vill of Nembe.

He was a born-again monarch who was formerly a school teacher repulsed the aberration on trading and dealt business directly with the Germans. In 1894, the RNC introduced more restrictions, then Koko Mingi Vill denounced Christianity and formed allies with the Bonny and Okpoma to take down the company but Bonny refused the alliance.

He led the attack and captured 60 White men, still the Royal Niger did not yield. But after he had killed another 40 of their men, the company recruited forces and in no times, Koko was captured and sent to exile.

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