Twins killing in Nigeria was one of the sad occurrences that befell Nigerian back then before it was stopped. Mary Slessor was born on December 22, 1848, in Aberdeen, Scotland, in the United Kingdom. Her fatherhood was drunk, but her mother forced her to go to church from an early age. Mary gave her life to Jesus and developed a great interest in religion and joined a local missionary church, teaching the poor and the children to listen to the teaching of their Sunday School at 11 years old.  Mary Slessor was an enthusiastic worker in various missions and became a Scottish missionary in Calabar, Nigeria. She was pious and determined to do God’s work and went to live among the Efik and Okoyong who lived near the Efiks in Calabar. However, he learned to speak Efik, the dialect of the inhabitants of Calabar and spoke it fluently. He preached the Gospel in the village of Ekenga in Calabar and when he went to preach for the first time to Calabar. The crowd came out to listen to her, and she condemned her superstitious principle and barbaric murder of twins and eaten human flesh on earth. She brought a word of light to souls who were in darkness, love and kindness taught the villagers and the king loved his brave spirit and permitted him to live in the village. Then Slessor went to preach the burning gospel of Christ and lived on native food. She sat in a mud house in the ground for the sake of the Gospel. She challenged the tradition of the people. And God used Mary Slessor to work miracles in the village. She heals the sick, prays for a dying leader, and the leader is healed. But the villagers called him a magician and a juju woman

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But Slessor told them that they worshiped Jesus Christ, the great physician, and Savior, the Son of the Father, God who did all things and told them to receive Jesus Christ as their savior who gives them eternal life and peaceful joy in their life. She told them to reject their idolatry and to believe only in Jesus.During the murder of the innocent twins, Mary was firm, and she preached to the villagers, quoting the words of Jesus. “Whoever hears my word and believes in him who sent me to eternal life and will not come to condemnation, but has passed from death to life.” Mary Slessor was heartbroken when I saw people dying like a goat, knelt down and prayed, “Lord, the task is impossible for me, but not for you, leading the way, and I will follow. Later, he was brave and not afraid; he suffered the suffering of Nigeria during his missionary work in Calabar. Sometimes he walks through the darkness at midnight with flashlights. However, she witnessed tropical fever, hunger and many bloodsheds, the burial of a king, the way twenty-five heads were cut alive and buried with the king. He also witnessed the place where cold-blooded leaders ordered the heads of men and women to be cut off by a cannibal frenzy. Then Mary Slessor fought for women’s rights and fought the killing of twins and human flesh. She abolished the barbaric tradition of Calabar and saved from death to hundreds of twin babies, but the villagers thought he was crazy because I was always rescuing twin babies in the forest that are taboo in their country. The villagers thought she must be angry, defy the decree of her boss, who had the power to kill her.


In fact, at that time, if twins were born, it became a taboo for their tradition, and any woman who gave birth to twins would be in danger at that time. But Mary Slessor has always been blessed to save the lives of twins. Also, Slessor had no offspring and never married, but adopted many African children who had been abandoned by their parents. And she was named the white queen of Calabar. And her house was full of orphans, and she showed them the love of a maternal heart. However, she nurtured the abandoned poor and directed them to Jesus, and she was always happy and exulted in the love of Christ. Slessor won many souls for Christ and brought the light of God and civilization to Calabar. The land and inhabitants of Calabar have been transformed by their heroism. And the inhabitants of Calabar held her in high esteem, the bosses often asked her to organize fights between the villages, and she often opposed that people do not go to war.
Later, the villagers began to realize that their brave and loving spirit came from the great God Slessor had spoken of. Also, she lived in Calabar for forty years, where she served the Lord Jesus Christ and established several churches before she died on January 13, 1915. She was buried in the state.

However, Mary Slessor was known around the world as a good preacher of the gospel, and we remember today in both Nigeria and Scotland. And Slessor was the first woman to appear on the front of a ten-pound Clydesdale Bank bill, and she is pictured holding children in her arms beside a map of Ekoi and Ibibio in Calabar.


Ògèdèngbé Agbógungbórò – Ogedengbe The Itinerant Warrior


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