The Fulani individuals in Nigeria are otherwise called “Fula” or “Fulbe”. A gathering of individuals in Nigeria with a little populace ,as the bigger populace can be found in different nations all over Africa . The Fulani individuals are bound together by their language( Futfulde) and by their set of accepted rules known as “pulaaku”.

Fulani individuals are generally migrant .In Nigeria the Fulani individuals can be found in the Northern piece of the nation ,states, for example, Katsina , Sokoto, Kebbi, Bauchi, Yobe ,Gombe and a couple in Benue.

Fulani individuals are customarily Nomadic, peaceful exchanging individuals, they crowd steers , goat and sheep over an immense hinterland of their space. The Fulani set of accepted rules “pulaaku” comprise of characteristics, for example, tolerance ,poise, discipline, judiciousness ,unobtrusiveness, regard for other people (counting adversaries), Wisdom , fore idea, moral duty, friendliness, mettle ,and diligent work.


The Nomadic Fulani ladies make painstaking work including engraved gourds, weaving , sewing wonderfully made cover for calabashes referred to as “Mbeedu ” and additionally containers. The men are not effectively associated with these exercises as they are completely into peaceful exchanging.

The conventional clothing for Fulani individuals is dark or white cotton texture outfit enhanced with complex blue, red and green string weaving work with styles distinctive as indicated by district and sex. The Fulani hair is likewise made into long plaits with silver and golden appended to the meshes, the ladies enhance their long interlaces with globules extras and additionally cowrie shells.

The Fulani have a rich melodic culture playing assortment of instruments including Drums, Hoddu (a culled skin secured lute like a Banjo and Riiti (a one stringed bowed instrument like a violin). The fulanis love new drain which they expend in a few structures, for example, yogurt and cheddar .It is normal to see Fulani ladies selling milk items .Traditionally the fulanis live in vault molded houses known as “Bukkuru” or “suudu hudo” which implies grass house ,they live basic lives and are overwhelmingly muslims.

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The Fulas are leaders in numerous West Africa nations these incorporate the leader of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari; the President of Senegal, Macky Sall; the President of Gambia, Adama Barrow;and the Vice President of Sierra Leone, Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh. They are additionally leaders in International Institutions, for example, the Deputy Secretary General United Nation, Amina J. Mohammed; and Secretary General of OPEC, Mohammed Sanusi Barkindo.


The language of the Fulani is Pulaar. It is additionally the language of the Toucouleurs. All Senegalese and Mauritanians who talk the language locally are known as the Halpulaar or Haalpulaar’en, which signifies “speakers of Pulaar” (“hal” is the root of the Pulaar verb haalugol, signifying “to talk”). In a few zones, e.g. in northern Cameroon, Fulfulde is a neighborhood most widely used language.

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