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Gloria Okon was Nigeria’s Most Mysterious Drug Pusher;who was as caught in 1985 with heroin then  died in very controversial circumstances.In his post,we reveal some new found facts about her. Click HERE to read her full story

  1. Gloria Okon once lived at No 17 Lisabi street Yaba for five months from June – November 1982.
  2. Gloria Okon once lived at No 17 Lisabi street Yaba for five months from June – November 1982.
  3. From the second day of her arrest and custody, she had taken ill and had commenced on what turned out to be a hunger strike which she persisted until her death on April 28 (one week).
  4. After her arrest, no body visited her in detention and in the hospital while she was sick, for the seven days she stayed before her death, no visitors were allowed to see her.
  5. The punishment for the offence which she was arrested for was death, so she might have decided to take her own life rather than face the ordeal of trial and final execution. (section 3. (20 (k) of the Special Tribunal (Miscellaneous Offences) decree, i.e. decree No 20 of 1984 and section 1 of the Exchange Control (Anti-Sabotage) decree. i. e. Decree No 7 of 1984.)
  6. Members of the Commission of Enquiry set up to investigate the cause of her death: Hon Justice C. N. O. Ubbaonu (Chairman), Mr. J. I . Obianwu (secretary), Wing Commander P. G. Asemota (member) and Professor Tunde Oloko (Member) on August 14, 1985 in the company of Mrs Benedicta Folorunsho – the nursing Sister at Mallam Aminu Kano Memorial hospital, Kano identified the corpse of Gloria Okon with the aid of her photograph as attached on her international passport.
  7. Resident address: Gloria Okon international passport read: 17 Cole street, Lawanson, Surulere. During my visit to 17 Cole street on December 11, 2016, I was told that Gloria Okon was a squatter, she was staying with her Aunty, popularly known by all as Mama Diana or and Mama Otonbog in a one room apartment.
  8. Contrary to speculations that the body was hurriedly buried after she died, Gloria Okon’s body stayed in the mortuary from April 28 1985 till the end of the findings of the Commission of enquiry set up to investigate her death. It was the commission that demanded as a matter of urgency that her corpse be buried by the Kano Municipal Council to avoid its putrification and to decongest the mortuary, and that was by the end of August 1985 (four months after her death)
  9. Gloria Okon’s death lead to the arrest and detention of 6 customs officers, who were later released when the Commission found them not guilty to her death, rather that she must have taken away her life by herself.

10, A total of 72 exhibits where provided and studied by the Commission and a total of 34 witnesses testified in the investigations.

  1. As at the time of her arrest, Gloria Okon had only N16.14k in her savings account and N24.00 in her business account. This means she was a drug peddler and not a drug baron as the press reported.
  2. There is no link whatsoever that Gloria Okon knew or was working for the then wife of the Army Chief of Staff.
  3. If Gloria Okon died on April 28, 1985 which is obvious then how come she was linked to Giwa death?
  4. The National Concord Newspaper of March 18, 1988. The Inspector General of police, Alhaji Muhammed Gambo appealed to the nation that anyone with information that Gloria Okon was alive should come forward and present, and up till 2016, none have come forth with evidence and that the police will reopen the case.
  5. If no one has prove, fact, evidence that Gloria Okon is alive, then Nigerians should let her soul rest in peace.

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