7 DAYS LEFT! A Man Is Trekking Fgos To

World Wrapper,Amb Adjarho David Obaro – The World Wrapper Man is still on his trekking voyage to the commercial city of onitsha on his campaign to the race against piracy in the creativity industry.

Here is the details of his present location on this journey. Amb Adjarho David Obaro ,who just recovered from illness continued his marathon race yesterday by 5.30am, when he left Ajibade community;Where he spent the night. His race was a beautiful one with so much solidarity from the Police at check points and passersby who stopped him to take photo with him.

On an occasion, a police man gave him N500 to buy water. Good news all along as this kept him motivated until at about 6.48 pm when he called me and placed the phone on speaker for me to follow up on an attack on him by some young men in the community of Omotosho.

According to World wrapper man Media team has this say. “The police spokesman who spoke with me through speaker phone, they want know who gave him the right to run into their community with a wrapper, why I tried to explain to him or rather them of the marathon race, I also told them that if they felt not secured with his presence, they should take him to their kabiyesi (King) or the nearest Police station.”

“Their spokesman who claimed to be a Prince of the community told me that the Kabiyesi will not welcome him. They agreed to take him to the Police station. On their way, they informed him that the police DO, who they described as ‘DPO’ was somewhere relaxing and they took him to the relaxation place.”

“The ‘DO’ worked him out and told him to take a vehicle to the next major town ORE, all Amb attempt to explain to the DO did not work as he insisted. Our worry was, that it was late, about and it was dark and Amb Adjarho could site the young men who were accompanying him to the station before they saw the DO. I advised him not to move into the darkness as that may be an opportunity for them to attack him and that was when I called for help here on Facebook.”

“At about 10.22 pm when the same DO of Omotosho who earlier rejected him, picked him up for safety, the DO assured me of his safety when I spoke to him on the phone and tendered an apology for his initially reaction. We thank you all wonderful people who reached out for the World Wrapper man. God bless you for your support, the race against piracy is not an easy one but it continues this morning as he heads towards ORE.”

“We are appealing to Nigeria Copyright Commission, Association of Nigerian Authors, the Movie industry, the Nollywood industry, the music industry, Booksellers Association, reporters in the remaining states, sports commissioners, in fact all industries of creativities in Nigeria to show solidarity to the World Wrapper man, as he runs to complete his 650km in 17days against piracy in Nigeria.”

Today is his 10th day on the road running from Lagos to Onitsha.

If you have seen running, even if you were inside a vehicle pls tell us what you observed, we will appreciate.

Remember he is TREKKING to onitsha within 17days

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