Nigeria Independence holds a strong significant emblem to the unity we share Nigerians. As we are already in the mood of celebrating Nigeria’s 59th Independence; which we got from the British colonial masters in Saturday, Oct 1st 1960.

We have listened 12 classic tunes from various Nigeria ARISTES both gospel and secular that will surely remind you of the unity and love we share as Nigerians.

Here is our List

  1. Originality – Faze

This is one patrotic Song that paid tribute to all the Nigeria both dead and alive that fought for Nigeria Independence and the unity of our Great nation,Nigeria.Faze did an execellent work with this masterpiece.

2. Street Credibility- 2face and 9ice. 

3. One Love – Onyeka Onwenu. This song is one of the greatest Nigeria unity song of all time.Onyeka Onwenu took her to remind us of our diversity as a people but she preached to us to work as one people.

4. Naija Dey Bam- Sammie Okposo.This song epitomize the strenght of Nigerians Surviving every challenges thrown to them as a people.The Gospel Music icon,Sammie Okposo share the message of inspiration and encouragement this song.

5. Which Way Nigeria – Sunny Okosun. This is a love song about Nigeria our Fatherland and also the heart cry of various under development,Corruption that besiege our nation. Sunny Okosun in this song calls for attention from fellow Nigerians to seek for solution.

6. The Way Forward – Sunny Ade. In 1993, King Sunny Ade brought together many Nigerian artistes to sing The Way Forward (Part 1 and 2). The track was sung in Yoruba, English, Igbo, Hausa, Pidgin English, among others. The song was sung after the annulment of the June 12 elections but re-composed in 2003 as a reminder of what the country passed through as the aftermath of the annulment. The song calls for unity from all tribes, calling collaborative effort of every Nigerian to make the nation great.

7. Nigeria My Beloved Country – Funmi Adams. This is a sing along with kids accompany vocial on the choral.This song is aimed at helping children to learning our culture as young as they can.

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8. Nigeria Go Survive – Veno. Another song on Nigeria surviving against all odds.Veno Rendered this song in Pidgin English, thus boasts about the rich agriculture and oil in the country. It emphasizes the rich natural resources in the country including Cocoa, Timber, Rubber, Cotton, among others.

9. Let’s Live Together- Kush. Kush is a gospel group that released the hit song from their debut album.This song talks about the uniqueness of our entire ehtnic group and the ability for us to live together as one people

10. Motherland – Sound Sultan. Naija Ninja as he is fondly called;used this song to beckon on Nigerians in diaspora to come back home and not to forget their Motherland.

11. Green Land – Ty Bello. This song is themed with love, hope and optimism in the future of Nigeria. Ty Bello inspires Nigerians to liberate themselves from every shackle of despair to a place of hope because we have untap potentials that the world is waiting to see.

12. Great Nation- Timi Dakolo. This song expresses the greatness that is embedded in our nation.The singer talks about this greatness with confidence but on how we can defend the greatness through peace, unity and Justice.

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